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  • Unlock 100+ activities including meditation, breathing, yoga and acupressure
  • Access 9 narrators and longer versions for our most popular meditations
  • Customize your meditation timer and breathing timer
  • Enjoy new activities added monthly

”My 7 year old daughter and I have been using MyLife for a long time... usually before bed. We were excited to see a version for kids. She loves to "check in" by choosing her emotions. We listened to a meditation tonight, and she was asleep before it ended. So calming, so relaxing. Thank you!“

— Elangb

This app has helped me starting out dealing with the stress of school work and life balance in college. I was very overwhelmed and it seemed like everyday I was running low on energy yet couldn't fall asleep at night. I listened to the falling asleep meditation and soon was able to create a sleep schedule. I then added on meditations during the day while on a break or walking to class. It has really helped me stay positive and create peace of mind for me.

— Blake G